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  1. Freemasons donate to Rowcroft Hospice in their 40th year
  2. £1500 was donated by Lodges/Chapters on behalf of Exmouth Freemasons
  3. Devonshire Freemasons deliver huge boost for local hospices
  4. Plymouth Trussell Trust Foodbank Receive £4000 from Devonshire Freemasons
  5. Buckfastleigh Trussell Trust Foodbank Receive £4000 from Devonshire Freemasons
  6. Exeter Trussell Trust Foodbank Receive £4000 from Devonshire Freemasons
  7. Ukrainian refugees to get shelter food and warm clothing thanks to Devonshire’s Freemasons
  8. Operation Jumpstart
  9. £25,000 Grant to Help Haiti Earthquake Survivors
  10. It's not too late...
  11. Vranch Asked, The Freemasons Raced to Their Aid
  12. £25k Grant to Philippine Typhoon Relief Fund
  13. December 2021 “1 to 1000 Club Draw”
  14. Freemasons donate £1387 to Two Bovey Tracey Youth Groups
  15. Devonshire Freemasons’ Christmas grants to local foodbanks
  16. St Lukes Hospice gets £1747.50 from Devon Freemason
  17. Festival 2023 Jumpstart
  18. Lord Roborough Lodge Help Keep a Hero Running
  19. Lifelites celebration at Little Bridge House
  20. Newton Abbot Freemasons raise £1050 for Torbay Hospital’s Ricky Grant Unit
  21. Torquay Freemasons help Methodists with their Outreach Community
  22. Devonshire’s Freemasons contribute to National Helpline
  23. Sun Lodge No106 Masonic Charity Association
  24. Cadogan Court Xmas Raffle
  25. Purple Angels Receive MP4 Players From The Freemasons
  26. Flying High for The Festival
  27. Devonshire Freemasons donate £49,665 to Exeter Community Initiatives
  28. Dawlish Freemasons continue support to “AIMS” Group
  29. Grahame Has Started His Cycle Ride
  30. Freemasons help secure vital part of Devon Charity.
  31. The Lord Roborough Lodge donates £200 to a local young ladies football team
  32. Freemasons give £35k in aid to South Sudan famine
  33. What does Charity mean to Freemasons?
  34. Channel to Channel Trek
  35. Festival Cycle Ride - Graham
  36. Devon Freemasons step in to help The Deaf Academy secure funding
  37. Devon Lodge (Newton Abbot) Donate £250 to Torbay Lifeboat
  38. Force Cancer Charity Receive £830 From Lopes Freemasons Lodge
  39. Vaccination Volunteers
  40. Emergency food for Indian families during pandemic funded by Devon Freemasons
  41. Devon Freemasons help Children’s Hospice Southwest
  42. Donations to hospices 2021 - video
  43. St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth Granted £1,600 by the Freemasons
  44. Freemasons are supporting carers with advice, breaks and activities
  45. 11 year old Tented fundraiser given £500 boost by Freemasons
  46. Freemasons Donate £1000 to Hospiscare’s Kings House in Honiton
  47. Totnes Caring for the Vulnerable.
  48. Freemasons Donate £1000 To Hospiscare’s Pine Lodge In Tiverton
  49. Chemohero Receive £830 From The Freemasons
  50. Devonshire Freemasons Donate £1,160 to Rowcroft Hospice
  51. Tamar Lodge No 4239 Supporting Local Bowel Cancer Charity
  52. Children’s Hospice Southwest Receive £830 From the Freemasons
  53. Hospiscare’s High View Gardens given £1,000 by the Devonshire Freemasons
  54. Everything in The World Should be Rosie
  55. Support to the Plymouth Motor Neurone Group
  56. Memory Matters Foundation Receive £830 From The Freemasons
  57. Virtually Free Learning for the Kids
  58. Budleigh Freemasons Support the Visually Impaired
  59. Kingsbury Cares for Kingscare, Kingsteignton
  60. Home-Start Help from the Freemasons
  61. Freemasons Support Riviera Life
  62. Freemasons £55k Grant to Womens Services
  63. Homeless to receive more than £850,000
  64. Freemasons Stock the Community Larder
  65. Central American hurricane survivors receive £30,000
  66. Face coverings initiative raises it first £1000
  67. Devon Freemasons Donate £7,500 to Help Our Community
  68. Women’s refuges becomes priority issue for Freemasons
  69. £13,000 To Help Improving Lives In Plymouth
  70. The Masons Take a Moment To Remember Those Who Matter
  71. Freemasons Light the Way With £10,560  
  72. Freemasons Help Abuse Victims Stay Safe
  73. Freemason Turns Blue for Charity
  74. Devonshire Freemasons give £1,500 to Plympton foodbank
  75. Freemasons Help the Samaritans
  76. Video about Covid-19 and Charity in Devonshire
  77. Freemasons help local foodbank
  78. Thanks to the team...
  79. The WAKE Fund
  80. Freemasons across the country have focused on food
  81. Three Good News Stories from Devonshire
  82. Events in support of Festival 2023
  83. Donation to India and Bangladesh super cyclone victims
  84. Bloodbikes Ride Away With £1000 From the Freemasons
  85. Devonshire Freemasons Give £15,000 Support to Sunday Lunch
  86. Royal Marines Playmouth Lodge No.9528 help local charity
  87. A message from the Provincial Charity Steward
  88. A Miscellany of Mirth
  89. Freemasons Keep Taking the Tablets
  90. Devon Freemasons give £25,000 Support to Local Charities & Organisations
  91. Sam Lounds - The Sweet Spot - Plymouth
  92. Salem Masonic Lodge Keep the Cadets in the Air
  93. St Simon Meets the needs of Charity
  94. Treat Yourself in Lock Down Plymouth
  95. Eighth 1 to 1000 Club Draw
  96. The Dart Masonic Lodge Give Some Guidance
  97. Hauley Masonic Chapter Help Guide the Way
  98. Freemasons keep the blood bikes on the move
  99. Freemasons Donate £1000 to Hospiscare’s Kings House In Honiton
  100. Freemasons Donate £1000 To Hospiscare’s Pine Lodge In Tiverton