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It's a real honour and privilege to have been appointed to the office of Provincial Grand Mentor. I am greatly indebted to my predecessors, R.W.Bro. Ian Kingsbury and W.Bro. Tony Banbury for the tremendous work they did in introducing and establishing mentoring in this Province, I aim to continue their work to ensure that mentoring becomes an integral part our Masonic life.

I have been a part of the Education and Mentoring Committee ( EdMenCom ) for five years and I am supported by a very strong team of area mentors, they cover all parts of the Province and will be in contact with lodge mentors to provide help, guidance and training.

I hope you will find the material on the website both informative and useful, and I look forward to meeting many of you on my travels around the Province. Both myself and the area mentors would welcome your comments and your ideas on mentoring and how we might improve and move forward in this Province.

We look forward to your support,

Chris Thomas PPrSGW
Provincial Grand Mentor