THE GRAND LODGE - having approved of this Revised Edition of the Book of Constitutions, the Board of General Purposes has accordingly superintended its publication.

Form of application for Grand Lodge certificates.


Organisational structure of Education and Mentoring Committee with contact details.

Return to be completed and returned to provincial grand secretary after the installation meeting.

A Masonic Lodge is not a building or a room; it is a group of people making up a unit referred to as ‘A Lodge’.

The workings, transactions and ceremonial of the Lodge revolve around its officers, although any member may be asked to take part in the proceedings, by learning and then performing part of the ceremony, which may be a couple of sentences or even pieces 
taking 10 minutes or more to deliver.

These notes have been prepared and recently revised in order to assist all Secretaries with dealing with the various forms they are required to submit to the Province and Grand Lodge, and to detail the updated registration fees for new initiates payable to Grand Lodge. Additional information for secretaries can be found on pages 44 to 48 in the Year Book. Please keep us informed of all changes of address etc. as they occur as we again have had a large number of the Devonshire Mason magazines returned. These addresses are now used by Grand Lodge for the despatch of Freemasonry Today.

The Province is very keen to promote the use of social media for Masonic related matters. The use of sites such as Twitter and Facebook have been very successful in spreading the word about what we as Freemasons are all about; communicating essential and positive information about our Order to our members, our local communities and the world at large.

The Board now recommends that each newly made Mason should be given a copy of the booklet at the same time as he is presented with the Book of Constitutions and the By-Laws of his Lodge during the initiation ceremony. In addition the Board reiterates its view that a copy should be presented to each newly installed Master.

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