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Four important values that help define a Freemason's path through life...

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  • Teddies for Loving Care

  • Grand Lodge see the launch of Solomon as making daily advancement a reality in the Craft and Royal Arch.

    Solomon consists of material from many sources, it’s aim is to help answer common questions and improve masonic knowledge and understanding.

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  • Lodge Giving

    Lodge Giving

    The Devonshire 2023 Festival is well underway now and we have created a page showing how lodges are performing across the Province of Devonshire.

    Lodge Giving Table

  • Check our directory of Halls and Lodges to see your nearest Lodge. Ideal for Freemasons holidaying in Devon.
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  • It is with the greatest of pride and pleasure that we announce the launch in January 2018 of the Devonshire 2023 Festival for the benefit of the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

    I look forward to sharing the joy and happiness this festival will bring and thank you in anticipation of your loyal dedication and commitment to Masonic charity.

    Ian Kingsbury
    Provincial Grand Master for Devonshire.

    Find out more at the Festival 2023 website

    Festival Website

  • The Holy Royal Arch Degree enlightens and teaches the practice of virtues incorporated in the Craft. Find out more about the Holy Royal Arch.
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  • The charitable donations of Freemasons in the UK is among that of the top givers to charity.
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  • Freemasonry as you will discover is a wonderful organisation that has many benefits – first however you must start the easy 10 step application process.
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  • Forthcoming Events

  • Mark Master Masons

    Mark Master Masons

    Mark Masonry continues to grow in popularity. To find out more just visit our website.

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  • Watch a selection of videos from the United Grand Lodge of England, including videos of famous Freemasons.
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Provincial Office

The Provincial Office,
Unit 7, Harrier Court
Exeter Airport, Clyst Honiton
Devon EX5 2DR

Tel: 01392 366578

Provincial Statistics

Brethren in Devon - 5,618

Lodges in Devon - 133

HRA Chapters in Devon - 57

Next Provincial Meetings

Provincial Craft meeting - Monday 11th April 2022

Provincial Chapter meeting - TBA

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  • Discover the truth

    Join us and experience the enjoyment of membership of one of the oldest fraternities in the world.
  • Charity

    The charitable donations of Freemasons in the UK is among the top givers to charity.
  • Research

    Masonic history and mysteries have always attracted attention and the keen mind can soon discern fact from fiction.
  • Achievement

    As a Freemason there are many ways to develop your personal potential, from participation in ritual to peer mentoring.
  • Fraternity

    Being a Freemason enables you to enjoy the pleasure of like-minded friends across the spectrum of society.
  • Totally Unique

    Because there is nothing else quite like it!

  • Freemasonry - The Truth

    Totally Unique

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